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Usually, in business, the bottom line lies in making and sustaining profits through sales. This is regardless of whether it’s a retail, wholesale, or manufacturing company – dealing with tangible or non-tangible assets. As such, taking stock of all your inventory as and when it enters and leaves your place of business is highly recommended. This will help you keep track of your inventory and eventually make informed decisions on time, especially where slow-moving stock is involved. The automotive industry is no exception when it comes to such scenarios, and our company understands that all too well. And we’re here to help in more ways than one.

What is Automotive Inventory?

This refers to the cumulative stock in each motor dealership. Like any other business, keeping track of your stock comes in handy when tracking sales. You are also able to determine which brand or item is moving and which is stagnant. The flow of sales awareness also informs you of the business status regarding expenses versus revenue. That way, you clearly understand what items you want to restock over time and what you’d otherwise do away with. That’s because you’re in business to make profits, and stock that does not convert or liquidate fast will not grow your business.

Now, what happens when your stock overstays in your shop, and you can’t afford to keep it anymore? You start thinking of ways to get rid of the automotive excess, right? Unfortunately, you are likely to run into losses if you land in the hands of rogue buyers who take advantage of your dilemma. That’s where We Buy Excess comes in. We exist to relieve you of the misgivings that come your way in such uncertain times.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has been in existence for over a hundred years now, and among the services, we offer include unparalleled automotive liquidation. We buy overstock items at the best prevailing market rates.

Say, for example, during this time when the Covid 19 pandemics has had a negative ripple effect on businesses worldwide. Vehicles sold off the warehouses in their thousands are doing so infractions – and over a more extended period. That notwithstanding, debts (whether good or bad) and other statutory fees, as well as money for family upkeep, have to be met.

We buy excess and always step in at your convenience and help liquidate your slow-moving assets. What’s in it for you? Well, I want to assure you that we’re 100% transparent when it comes to dealing with our clients.

Our Features

  • We Respond Fast and Settle Bills Even Faster:

The initial step is reaching out to us via our user-friendly contact us page, where you can either call us or fill in a form and submit via email. Once done, one of our liquation experts will get back to you and help you submit your inventory for valuation. After that, we agree on when and where the inventory will be collected – free of charge. We are always available to start and complete the process within record time – not to mention that the wireless transfer is credited to your account immediately after your inventory lands and it’s processed in our warehouse.
  • We Offer Customer Service 24/7:

We buy excess pride in the excellent customer experience offered to all our clients. We are available round the clock – 24 hours a day on all seven days of the week and reply to all inquiries immediately. As a result, we have grown in leaps and bounds and currently have facilities in Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, New Jersey, and South Carolina. This has enabled us to have wide geographical flexibility since we serve the entire continental United States.
  • We’re Open to Being Your Brand Ambassadors:

Unlike other one-time automotive inventory and liquidation companies who are in the business for their sole benefit only – we do more than buy your stock. We are a committed team that goes with you all the way. We’re aware that your brand is your business’ backbone, and as such, we take it upon ourselves to protect it and its identity alike. That includes but is not limited to repackaging or defacing where necessary. We also offer financial services such as asset financing to kick start or expand your business, thus fast-tracking the asset recovery process.
  • Precise Guidelines: 

Our team understands that you’ve already been through so much; hence we strive to offer the best and with no hidden costs. There’s no beating around the bush – we’re forthright, trustworthy, and committed. Since its inception, we have stood by our promises and will gladly do so even in the years to come! Notably, keeping track of your automotive inventory is a sure way of ensuring that you don’t run into losses all year round. This is because these records help you sort out all the slow-moving stock, referred to as automotive excess, and decide on what’s next. Often, selling or liquidating the automotive overstock would be the best way forward. And that’s where the team at we buy excess offers our services in a timely and professional manner. Give us a call at +1 (732) 851-7901, and you’ll not regret it.

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