Q: How do I receive a FREE inventory quote from WeBuyExcess.com?

WeBuyExcess works as straightforward and easy as possible. While we would love to get together and meet you and your inventory face-to-face, it’s not always practical. A simple phone call or e-mail with a description of your inventory is all we need to get the ball rolling.

Q: What type of information do you need to make a quote?

There are no set guidelines on what is needed for us to make an offer on merchandise. Our ability to adapt and cater to a situation is one of our pillars for success. However, the quickest and easiest way to get an immediate quote would be send us a detailed manifest/breakdown of the inventory. We promise you that all conversations, emails, and documents are kept on a secure server, and are completely confidential.

Q: What categories of inventory do you purchase?

WeBuyExcess tries to purchase everything we can. Whether you have baby diapers or dog food, we will put an offer on it. We are interested in all categories including but not limited to: Apparel, Infant, General Merchandise, Food, Footwear, Automotive, and Household goods.

Q: I’m a food manufacturer who is stuck with short-dated and out-of-date inventory, can you help?

Out of date? Not a problem! WeBuyExcess has outlets all over the world that we’re able to move specific problem inventory. Tell us about what you have and let’s see how we can work together.

Q: Does WeBuyExcess work with insurance salvage merchandise?

WeBuyExcess understands that sometimes businesses are affected by unpredictable and unstoppable Events of Loss. In these circumstances we try our best to work hand-in-hand with both the insurers and the claimants on minimizing loss. We arrange onsite valuations and pack-ups for major natural disasters.

Q: I’ve worked hard to build my brand. Will selling inventory to you affect my reputation with current clients?

WeBuyExcess provides all clients with the utmost privacy. Not only will we never disclose or advertise your products, brand, or label – but we also abide by all restrictions given to us. If you have a strong presence in a specific market, we stay clear of it and can give that in writing. We have represented some of the most private and strict labels in the world, for numerous years, and without ANY problems.

Q: I’ve submitted a request for a quote on my inventory. How long until I hear a response.

WeBuyExcess tries our best to work around the clock, but we understand that it isn’t always possible [Hurricane Sandy, for example]. The general wait time for a response is within 24 hours.

Q: I’ve submitted a request, and you’ve responded with an offer;. Am I obligated to sell?

Absolutely not! The point of working with WeBuyExcess is to alleviate your stress, not to add on to it. We want you to be happy with our services. We hope we find more value in your inventory than opposing company’s and banks. Our offer is simply that: an offer! Whether you accept or decline, we understand and want our clients and prospective clients to be in the best position possible.

Q: Wow! I’d love to take your offer, what’s next?

The hard part is over! Sit back and get paid. Let us send you a wire and prepare the logistics. We work with the biggest banks in the United States; that means money in your account within an hour of striking a deal. While you’re checking your account balance grow, we will be sending our 53’ trailers on their way to come pick up the merchandise. Once the merchandise is loaded, you should be freeing your mind and kissing your inventory problems goodbye.