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The apparel liquidation system initiates a cheaper or flat rate for the clothing and products through overstocking, a shelf-pull, etc. But it is not cheaper because it contains defective products like other inventory systems. Instead, it offers a more affordable rate because of overstocking the lots in all designs, new products available in all sizes. It ensures you get quality products no matter how a bigger lot you order.


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How We can Help with apparel Liquidation?

For the wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, it is essential to have the products in stock. And when you can get overstock lots with the quality one at a flat rate, it gets easier to gain more profit.

Usually, overstock lots get mostly rejected or remain in the slow-moving inventory phases. It gets easier to distribute the overstock lots in a more convenient way at better pricing for the customers through apparel inventory.

In the apparel liquidation system, you get different lots of apparel with different sizes, shapes, brands, styles, colors, etc. But in apparel inventory shops, you won’t get any returned, defective, irregular, or outdated lots. They ensure you get the quality and trendy designer products, including the latest ones, overstock, closeout, shelf-pull, etc.

What do we offer As Apparel Liquidators

  • Pricing: 

In apparel liquidation, you get products usually at flat rates without any additional fees for processing and credit card, and shipping charges. To maximize customer satisfaction, apparel liquidation offers the customers incredible quality designs and products at the lowest price.

  • Value:

The products you get in apparel liquidation come with an average retail highest value at cheaper pricing.

At this pricing, getting the products of the same value is quite impossible.

  • Quality: 

As I already have mentioned before, in apparel liquidation, you get the products from the latest trends, shelf-pull, and overstock lot. You don’t get any defective or torn or faded items in your lots in this way.

For eliminating all the possibilities of errors and mistakes, we always double-check our shelf pull, new products, and overstock material.

Rechecking the clothing pallets reduces the number of defective products from the lots to a greater extent. And that is what makes us different from others in the market, we believe.

  • Selection: 

Where in most places, you don’t get much option if it is not the season. But we focus more on providing the customers with any seasonal lots they want.

Where most of the places focus more on their geographical locations, and culture, preference, we focus more on stocking with all the seasonal collections. In this way, it does not matter whether the customers live in the north or the south.

Customers can choose winter outfits, spring or summer, or fall outfits throughout the whole year without compromising with designs and styles.

In apparel inventory system-based shops, you also get all the available sizes for designer products.

As we depend on the overstock products, if you buy more products, you get a cheaper flat rate with the increasing amount of products you buy.

  • Care:

Apparel liquidation has gained more recognition and trust from a different base of the customer because we have shown it through our utmost services that we care for all classes of customers.

We Buy Excess offer the best quality of the products ensuring proper care and maintenance of all the products. Before the customers get the lots, we make sure we check for any defective items and also store all the inventories in controlled temperature warehouses to make sure they remain clean and odor-free.

We want our customers to be a trusted to their customers as well. So we know if you can provide your customers better products at a reasonable price, you will sell faster, and you will come for more.

Because we not only sell at flat rates for huge lots but also ensure you get the quality ones where you don’t require to do anything additionally including cleaning, ironing, etc. to make, it look better.

  • Service:

When it comes to apparel liquidation, it is better to have proper knowledge about how it works. Most people think you usually get rejected and defective products or outdated ones at a lower price, which is not true.

Yes, we overstock different lots with all the available sizes. But we also make sure you get the better quality products, including new designs and trends at better convenient pricing than any other lots buying.

If you are new in apparel liquidation, it is better that you go through different reviews and sites of various liquidators to understand better.

You can also contact our staff directly to find out about any queries.

Apparel Liquidators

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Services We Provide

Usually, in apparel liquidation, customers get many options to choose from the stocks. As I already have mentioned, we supply mostly overstock, shelf pull, and new products to all ranges of customers.

It is not like you have to order a massive lot of products from us. We provide services to all kinds of customers, including smaller, mid-range, and large-range consumers, including boutiques, resale stores, brokers, consignment shops, flea market sellers, Amazon sellers, wholesalers, eBay sellers, chain shops, wholesale & liquidation discount shops, etc.

You can quickly get products in smaller lots with your preferred sizes, single clothing pallet lots at your required amount. If you need a massive amount of lots requiring full loads of a truck, we are here to provide you every single piece without any defect.

We don’t consider any of our deliveries as too much. Whether it is a container load, bulk order, pallet lots, container loads, drop shipping for brokers, distributors, or wholesalers, we offer the same quality for all.

As we ensure our customers get the most at a possible cheaper rate, we don’t charge any hidden cost or try to hand over with defected lots of products.

For contacting us, you can simply email us or place an order via our website or directly call to have a direct conversation.

Feel free to ask us anything if you think you have not got enough idea from our website.

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