WeBuyExcess updates! What have we been up to?

WeBuyExcess updates! What have we been up to?

WeBuyExcess.com continues our hectic schedule, traveling and buying merchandise from all over!

We’ve had our hands on everything for the past two weeks, which unfortunately has held us up a bit when it comes to our bi-weekly business advice articles.

So what has WeBuyExcess.com been up to?

To name a few:

Two (2) truckloads of As Seen on TV Exercise equipment

Six (6) truckloads of Juice. (Approximately 94,000 liters)

Two (2) truckloads of High-End World-wide Branded Globes

Thirty-thousand (30,000) Handbags

Forty-thousand (40,000) National Name-Brand Watches

Three (5) truckloads of Jalapenos (21,000 gallons)

Seventeen-thousand (17,000) pieces of Golf Clubs, Golf Gloves, Sunglasses, Bags, and misc

So what are our clients saying about WeBuyExcess.com ?

Here are just two recent testimonials sent in to WeBuyExcess.com

“Dear, Jon, and the WeBuyExcess.com team,

I wanted to thank you and your organization for the tremendous job you did liquidating our inventory.  At a time when we needed the job done, your company – and ONLY your company – came in on a timely manner.  WeBuyExcess.com was able to take our inventory, and purchase it for an amount that I felt was fair market value.

We contacted most retailers, wholesalers, and liquidators with samples, pictures, and pricing.  They all claim they can do the job of liquidating, but never offer fair prices or even return calls.

Even big companies like ********, which claim to have available cash for purchases, never respond to calls or e-mails.  Even after getting our samples, they did not have the expertise and appreciate the value our products had for the consumer.  They really dropped the ball on our great products, we were not bringing junk to the market.  You guys understood that.

We appreciate everything your team did and without hesitation would recommend any company of any quantity or quality merchandise seeking to liquidate to contact WeBuyExcess.com



****** Marketing”

Thank you Ed.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with you.  We are glad that you enjoyed our services, and we are always here if you need us.



Many thanks for the timely, smooth, and professional way you handled my company’s liquidation.  You gave us a fair price and were more than prompt in payment.  You really weren’t kidding when you told me that I’d see money in my account within an hour.  You turned a stressful close-out of our company into an easy process, and in doing so took a lot of pressure off of the situation.  I would truly recommend WeBuyExcess.com to anyone.


President, ****** Incorporated.”

Robert – we really appreciate the kind words, as well as the opportunity you had given us to work with your company.  We truly wish you and your colleagues the best, and our doors are always open to you.

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